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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Are You Prepared for a Disaster? 

When properly planned and implemented, a disaster recovery plan makes possible the retrieval of lost data and the resumption of system operations. Such procedures are a critical part of computer operations at all levels. Using Infinity for disaster recovery guidance will help your organization through the process of making the best design and implementation decisions based on common business criteria as well as unique needs found in every organization.

Your Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Strategy will Include Specific Action Plans, Escalation Procedures and Data Retention and Restoration Policies

Infinity’s disaster recovery planning and business continuity engineers will help you create a disaster recovery strategy that’s right for your business. Our disaster recovery services include:

  • Planning and facilitation
  • Technical documentation development
  • Offsite backup
  • Plan review and quality assurance
  • Mock disaster and recovery exercises

Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan

Should your company experience a disaster, the first 72 hours following the incident will be the most critical in your recovery efforts. How you respond during that period will determine if your business will survive or not. Furthermore, the most important hour is the one immediately following the event.

Our disaster recovery solutions address the IT resources needed to maintain business continuity and restore full network functionality with minimal loss of productivity.

The plans anticipate a broad variety of business interruptions as a result of the following:

  • Natural disasters (i.e., hurricane, earthquake, fire, flooding, etc.)
  • Resource loss (i.e., resignation, death, illness, etc.)
  • Equipment failure (i.e., power outages, hardware failures, accidental damage, etc.)
  • Software issues (i.e., upgrades, vendor reorganizations/failures, business changes, legislative issues, etc.)
  • Security (i.e., SPAM, viruses, Bots, competition, data loss/theft, etc.)

If ever required, your business continuity and disaster recovery plan will enable you to respond in a systematic and organized fashion. It will guide your organization, step-by-step, from responding to the actual event all the way through to full occupancy of your repaired facility.